Lyric:Medikal-Connect [Prod by Unkle Beatz]

EL baaaiby:
El I’m a beast I’m a lion,you claiming you better than me why you lying ?they showing me love from Botswana to SA to niger I’m getting messages from Zion , my life is inspiring ,
Inpadi nam) gyebo Louis figo sef no get game pass me , hero be the tittle EL am an idol , mass destruction like a riffle , my memory vex like a Bible,
I swear say nobody fi do this,
I fi go off the top in the building cuz I’m roofless,
My fist on your face and I leave you looking like a baby Wey just come from p*ssy you toothless ,
Impadi make you no vex me Charley,
Put me on repeat and never next me Charley
Skinny n*gga but trust me I’m hefty Charley ,
Ibi jah Wey de bless me Charley
So don’t test me Charley. ,,,

Sarkodie :
Me boste intro no aa 10 K ,
Mompo de3 s3 anka meno you never be ma level ,
Cuz I swear todebia nana all day,
Mene nyame tumi b) nk)m) ma )kyer3 me s3 my son wagye wo dinn w) Bombay, 3nch3 biaa Jupiter n3b3 booke wo shows m3mmp3 Aba, Padi you for nor say, Omo sa aa nana vim dey !!(wheed)
Jedge fo) bribe me , clocke ticke me , time watche me outch. ,
OhEMAA mep3s3 wode wonain gu mechi, take you from the the bed to the couch , hit you in the east and the South , menngyai ngum Anaa s3 make I put am for ur mouth,
Make you never f*ck with obede pon bede fris3 woy3 mumu kraa, I go fit to make you shout. Bede!

Joey B :
Yo , somebody gimme the keys to the washroom, I got shit to do , small time I go de electrify y’all, nobi say I de come pick at you , your girl friend just took off her wig, she wan make I giee ma Nikka too, she asking of a condom, but I make it plural, condoms, make it two.#Swine ,
Now she be acting like a promoter, Joey let’s get beezy,
Joe I’m after the paper , cj, Grand theft things, no louigi, put your coins for susu box inside, y’all whack pass baseball bats besides, if you figga say your body bad, make you never try meet me, if you really want. peace hide !! Y3fr3 me s3n?

Omar Sterlling :
Let’s talk about bosses, oh yes oh yes Bosses, talk about profits losses , wanna earn or learn courses , what you know about these guccis and Michael courses,
Man never forfeit topics, I’m a Capricorn why you think I came with tropics, I am the problem, solve it, flow like H2O I’m a solvent.
They call me Deezy the don, where I’m from
Kids never act like they were born , cuz a tool go fi dea pun your bone for phone, nobi fun for the streets ,I de tell you cripple fi run,
Bomboclat, me I stay higher than astronauts,
Manna bad man faster than nascar cars,
Make I roll one, have a feel of Rasta thugs,
You for turn disciple follow these moves, as I drop these banabbbaaars…..

Criss Waddle :
Money making machine, fr3 me Criss W,A Double D L e, dem de claim say them nogo love roll plus me,deep inside them de love Wee,
I no de worry bout your girl ein moff I de fear say maybe she go break ein knee,
Cuz she de suck pass N*gga wey de get zero for class, real bad men see what I mean,
Pampamsraga, mep3 3to akakraka, busa Julie w) adabraka, mey3 Magic, abraka dabra mennsrakwa, ase shee y3 aa yannkanfra, any way every Ghetto youth be a gift to Ghana, still dums) Charley Oh Mahama, nokr3 no woka aa yedwawo s3 cassava!! Niggas pii y3 salaaala. Too moooorch.

Yaa Pono :
Pono biom welcome to ma area , mmbrewa n3paase me codeine, afei rap nu, Ghana fo) annkas3 me na mete so aa mede b3k) New Orleans , y3se me lines che 3y3 frytol,
Y3se me flow ne che 3y3 police, mmbaa nes3 ma h33mu s3 light pole, yebesi me head master w) krogiis,
Wemmia me aa, miaa meb3 Mia woto,
Ns3m fonn kwa, nanso daa moto,
Nobody bad, we bad inti wkogyina beebi ka meho ns3m aa metuawo meko,
Suger kwame se boy noy3 sturbon,
Shorty I go protect you like condom ,
0 16 woy3 guy paa na wo daabe
Still niggase daso sa Kooogon.

Kofi Kinata:
Taadi west side legacy kofi Kinata, I present the past ,
S3 entum nnya eziban nndzi aa M3nnrooshi,
Enchr3d3 3y3 fast , ame ne wo new discussion, father of chart , awoa, 3y3 mother of sluck , high grade family, mentum mmb) no low class, me nann w) rim, terry Bone chak a, Mass, A, mekura me license for flow, w)fr3m rap drive a,
Maatase, 3y3 john, mey3 Don, wonnfa kaiza ze mma kaiza, 3w)d33 me Burne w)n sharp, maagye me kerosine, obi mpaase lighter,
W)mmp3d3 w)b3taase d33 w)y3 dum mey3 s). Me future noy3 brighter. !!

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