Stop Sending Your Songs Via Whatsapp

 Stop Sending Your Songs Via Whatsapp
Are you a musician, music producer or engineer? Well you need to take your time and read this one over and over again. Time has really been spent to educate people and this information is something you will have to apply in your music career. Feel free to share with others as well.
Its every recording artist’s wish to provide their fans with a well mixed and mastered track to enjoy; but sometimes, these wishes are not granted when the record producer or an audio engineer does it wrong.
In other cases these self-acclaimed producers or sound engineers have very little knowledge about the titles they install on themselves. A well mastered song requires a touch of professionalism and the mind of an expert to make it reach that expected standard.
Most times, the audio engineer might be a professional but what gets to the masses turns out to be poor quality. There are many reasons why this happens; but, I will want to talk about receiving or sending songs via Whatsapp mobile application.
The mobile application has become one of the most frequently used Apps in the past few years. Great features such as sending messages for free to anyone using the application, Free voice calls, free file sending and other cool features people use on a daily bases.
Sending files such as Mp3 or Pictures through Whatsapp comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Some of the merits are; its fast, real-time file sending, convenient and sometimes fun. (Every free thing is fun to use)
What most people (Artists) do not know is that, Whatsapp provides these services for free and they will do anything possible to cut cost. To send a file, it has to be stored somewhere first, before the other party hits the download button.
To ensure that more data is not consumed by the Free users, all files sent through Whatsapp are compressed to the smallest size possible before reaching the other person. This takes weight off their server and the same way, giving the other party a smaller file to download which is faster…
When this happens, the sound quality of your mastered Song drops in quality. It may sound almost like the original but trust me, its not the same as what the sound engineer has on his PC back in the recording studio.
If you encourage your producer or sound engineer to deliver a song you paid and spent hours composing and recording through Whatsapp, just know you are doing yourself no good. Professionals will listen to your song and tell you “Its Not Up To Standard” and you will be mad at them and tagging them as “Haters” or “Bias”…
You can try an experiment at your own free time… Take a well mastered song from your computer, transfer to your phone (while you keep the original copy on the PC) and send it to someone through Whatsapp. Then, tell that person to send you that same file again through Whatsapp, download it and take it back to your PC and play both to see the difference.
If you want people to appreciate your works and feel the hard-work you invested into it, tell your Record producer to send it to you via email or go there with a memory stick and copy the original file yourself. Make sure you send it through emails to a blogger, Djs, and Record Labels (If You Are Looking For One To Sign You) BEWARE OF FREE THINGS…
If you have any comments about this or want to share your experience with us, please use the comment box below. Thank you and share if you find today’s tip useful…
By: Mr. Alfred Aborga ( Loud Sound Ghana )

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