Who is ALaska Boi? Get to know the Ghanaian-American rapper

GH rap is gradually taking waves not only in Africa but worldwide.

Ghanaian born American based rapper Paul Silas Arafat known in Showbiz as ALaska Boi is the new guy to watch out for. The rapper who was born and raised in Ghana during his early life and high school days has been one of the undoubtedly best talents in the U.S.A. since the year began.
Back in Ghana, ALaska Boi had his music started way back in the primary school. He listened to both GH and foreign rappers simply because he loved music. He’s been one of the dudes who skipped classes to enjoy rap battles and freestyle sessions with other colleagues.
He never enjoyed the soccer his friends played during break hours. He always had his break in a beat box mode, thereby playing on his desk and rapping to it. He made rap to be part of him wherever he went. One funny thing was that he never took it seriously but rather had it as his hobby.
Until he reached high school where he could use his lyrical punches to gamble during battles, he wouldn’t have taken it much serious with him. He said that during the high school days things were getting tough with him and people started doubting and throwing negative perceptions about him. But that didn’t stop him because was matured now and was so focused on the music that keeps playing on the radio.
He added “I wasn’t thinking about fame and money. I was inspired and I had a goal set before me”. But one major challenged he faced was that upon all the talent he’s got, he wasn’t recording his tracks simply because he didn’t have the studio stuffs. So he kept on with his freestyles and battles at the kiddie shows and events being held.

He never gave up and had a chance to travel into the United States of America by his parents. And it is in the U.S.A. where he’s been rekindled in his career by recording and producing tracks all by himself.

He’s got an album dubbed UNDERGROUND BREAK which is set to be released early next year. The album UNDERGROUND BREAK explains more of what he and his fellow underground rappers both in GH and in the States have been through and are still undergoing.

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